One year long Course for XII passed students

It is one year duration course for XII passed students. Syllabus of XI and XII is extensively completed through classroom discussion. A synchronized test series throughout the year increases efficiency of students to perform better in exams. Every time the performance is critically analyzed by the subject experts and if needed individual counseling is given to the student. Efforts are made to increase skills of student for better time management and minimize the errors during exam. The uniqueness of the course lies in its diversified approach towards different kind of entrance exams. After syllabus completion a complete revision test series enable them re-analyse themselves. Meanwhile specific tests are also conducted for exams based on different patterns.

Course Fee
Total payable
Total Course Fee
Rs. 90,000
Rs. 16,200
Rs. 1,06,200
Admission Fee
Rs. 30,000
Rs. 5,400
Rs. 35,400
Tuition Fee
Rs. 60,000
Rs. 10,800
Rs. 70,800
Payable in two installments
1st Installment
Rs. 55,000
Rs. 9,900
Rs. 64,900 (at the time of admission
2nd Installment
Rs. 35,000
Rs. 6,300
Rs. 41,300 (4 months from the date of admission)

Duration: One Year

Admission Process: Admission Cum scholarship Test